Kazan chamber choir Transfiguration  

Kazan chamber choir Transfiguration
In the Nickolsky Cathedral

Directed by Nickolay Belyaev

Kazan chamber choir Transfiguration was created in 2000 by the choir conductor Nickolay Belyaev. The group unites the young professional musicians, student and graduates of higher musical institutions. During its existence the following projects were realized:
the concert cycle of the Russian sacred music The Way in the hall of Gorky Museum,
the record of the CD The Soul Transfiguration (2001) and On the way to the Light (2004) in the Kazan Nickolsky Cathedral,
the perfomance on the International conference Boldinskaya Autumn-2004 with the programme of the Russian choral miniature To Pushkin is devoted,
the new production of the musical-poetic programme The finding of oneself with the Kazan poet A. Bick-Bulatov.
The choir appears on the stage constantly in the concert halls and temples of Kazan and Tatarstan. In the summer of 2004 the collective went on a tour of the Gold Ring of Russia. It performed sacred music in the ancient temples of Arzamas, Murom, Vladimir, Bogolubov, Cuzdal, Yuryev-Polsky, Pereyaslavl-Zalessky, Rostov, Yaroslavl. In December of 2005 the chamber choir Transfiguration went on successful in different cities of Spain. The listeners of Tarragon, Miranda, Saragos, Samor, Plasensia, Burgos, Kordov, Almeria and Seut made the acqaintance with the Russian sacred music, and also with the folk songs.

Kazan chamber choir
In the Nickolsky Cathedral
Directed by Nickolay Belyaev

The suggesting programs:
1/Russian orthodox music (Rahmaninov, Tchesnokov, Tchaykovsky, Arhangelsky);
2/ Russian loving lyric poetry (Sviridov, Arensky, Taneev, Kalinnikov, Schedrin);
3/ Russian folk music;
4/Pushkins poetry in Russian music (Kalinnikov, Taneev, Arensky, Sviridov, Schedrin, Falik);
5/Silvers century by Russian poetry in contemporary music (Sviridov, Falik, Smirnov).
The duration of the performances is from 30 minutes to 45 minutes
The choir cast:
from 16 to 24 persons.

Contact: +7 843 2466007

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